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You best jump far


Whomever invented underwire bras was a sadist.


Son of a bitch bastard indeed!
Underwire- You don't have underwire bras in the Netherlands? You know that stiff pointy metal thing that supposedly helps keep your breasts perky.
in your bra (sp?) you mean?
Yeah. If you don't have underwires, you are very lucky. They suck majorly.
Oh we have those too (but there are also without).
but witout them the bra doesn't support your boobs enough...
I hate underwires. I can't find any bras in my size without them. Unless of course I want to spend an my life savings on one.
Oh! Thanks for the reminder!

Oprah's having an episode tomorrow about bra sizes and how they don;t have to give you such huge bosoms. *nods* Looking forward to it.

But for the wire thing, TOTALLY agreeing.
I don't mind 'em...
I guess that shows how much I'm lacking in boobs.