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Hope can set you free / nefer_tari

This has been a good week.

I got my scores for my GED- with the exception of the essay. I passed everything. I got a perfect score of 730 on the reading portion. (hee) I got a 580 on science and a 480 on maths (needed 410 to pass- God I hate math), and a 640 on social studies. The current score on language- not including the essay portion is 550. Which means that I pass regardless of the essay score.

*is extremely happy*


WOOHOOH! Congrats
WoW! Great scores! I am so proud of you!!! You did fantastic!....even on the math. Way to go, girl! Wait 'til I tell your father. He'll say "I told you she would!"....just like he said for your new job..."I told you she'd get it!" Your dad and I wish we could claim the genes for your intelligence....HA! You showed 'em all! You certainly are having a good week!!! *runs over and hugs you*
wowee, congrats you smartypants!! =D ::throws confetti::
Wow, this is really great love! *loves on you*
That's fantastic! Congratulations!
What is a GED? *is stupid*

Sounds like you did great though! Congrats!
General equalvilancy diploma. It's like a high school diploma.
ooh. I feel like an idiot, but GREAT JOB!!!!

*throws party* *grabs you* LETS DANCE!
CONGRATS!!!!!! *Throws confetti*
That's awesome, La! I knew you could do it, but still, congrats!


Way to go!