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Run around

Blah Blah Blah.

That's why I never liked The Tonight Show. There's so much filler. Ten minute monologue should be enough. Then get to the guests. If I ever have a talk show- that's how I'd format my show. And I'd ask real questions.

I know- shut up. Just be happy the guy finally made it on the show.


Only Conan can pull off over-10-minute-monolougues.

I like the way Ellen does her stuff. She TOTALLY deserved that Daytime Emmy last Friday. SO glad she got it.

...moving on.

Yes, Ellen definately has the best talk show out there.
I know what you mean, but at least you got to see him. The stupid crap channel that dares calling itself NBC Europe stopped showing Leno and Conan, and only does this stupid call-in computer geek show now. It's ridiculous.

Do you know if Dom on Leno can be downloaded anywhere?
Yup a decent version can be found here
Awesome, thank you! :)
You have ambitions of starting your own talk show? :)
Not until half hour into Jay Leno, when there still hadn't been a single guest.