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You best jump far

it's not polite to stare.

Ok. So I misunderstood the scoring on the essay portion of the GED. It's got it's own score. I passed with a 560. Assabet (the school) is sending my scores in the mail. It'll be a paper I could present to potential employers (though I'm already employed- well I will be by next week). And the state will send a diploma within about 6 weeks.

I'm so glad that's finally over.

Lost tonight!!!

Dom on Jay was awesome. I have some points to bring up.

- I love how Jay encouraged him to try stand up. However, I think based on what we've all seen of him, he seems to work best off other people. I would love to see him guest host on SNL. That would be more his style. Satire, not stand up. Though he prove me completely wrong.
- Star Wars. Thank goodness I am not the only person that was bothered by Greedo firing first. I admire his intensity. I know half his fangirls were like "I'd sit and have that four hour conversation with you about Star Wars...". It made me very happy. And for all intensive puposes, yes that would make a great date conversation.
- He looked great. I wanna know if he chooses his own clothing or has a stylist. I'm guessing he chooses his own.

Evie on talk shows. She really got around these last 24 hours.
- Conan: She had a voice a last night. I love Chris's interaction with Evie. His comment about her "knickers". Anyone else notice that when she mention calling her mom (or teasing her mom) the date she used was December 8th. Hmmm? *wink*

- GMA: She sounds sexy with her voice half gone. I'm probably weird that way. Nothing really new in this interview. Same stuff, never had a speaking role, loves her job, a few teasers about Lost finale that I already knew...

- The View: Someone needs to take Evie's license away. There should be no way that she should be allowed to drive. I thought this after her appearance on Ellen. I believe it even more now. I don't blame that guy for not wanting to take a ride from her, she just hit him!



I would *so* have a four-hour conversation with him about SW. Or about anything really.

Congrats on the GED!
I know half his fangirls were like "I'd sit and have that four hour conversation with you about Star Wars...".

I would SO be up for that convo not just cause of Dom but because I'm a Star Wars fan. I think our convo would exceed over 4 hours. He was so passionate about the Greedo/Han thing! I love it. Fanboy Dom = <33333