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You best jump far


Baby eye! Claire has some serious post partum shit going on. Sayid should have given Charlie the gun. Being involved personally is probably the best protection.

Are you on the same island as I am? Best line ever.

Artz is an ass. But he's funny. Uh... nevermind. Holy crap. That scared the bejeebus out of me.

Jin being threatened in the bathroom. That was creepy.

Michael asked the question that I've asking for a while. But the island I think only wants to be discovered by those it needs.

Now is this dynamite from the slave ship? If so, that stuff is dangerous. Shouldn't let Locke touch it. He can't even remove the funny bone.

The part with Danielle, Claire and the baby is so creepy. It hurts my head to know that she took the baby. I think she is doing it to protect the child, the way she couldn't protect her own. But there is still an hour and half to go- so who knows. (Hopefully the writers do- because they'll break our hearts if Claire doesn't get her baby back)

Charlie got kicked in the nuts. Desperate measures for desperate people.

Sayid getting ouched by Charlie. Sayid grabbing Charlie by the throat brought back memories of Ethan.

"You got some Artz on you". I love Hurley. Ok this is the best line ever.

The kid has a name. It's about bloody time. I didn't even think of Danielle trading the baby. It just never occurred to me. I guess I was hoping her motives were purer. I can only hope Charlie isn't making a promise he can't keep.

I'm trying hard to watch the show and write during the commercials. It's hard to take my eyes off the tv. I can't believe that after tonight - no matter what the cliffhanger is - we won't see another new Lost until September. It's been one hell of a journey. Lost has been everything I've hoped for and more. Just thought I'd get that out there.

Oh Sayid. You have no idea the damage just did. If Charlie had been forthcoming about his addiction, maybe that wouldn't have happened.

What the hell was that? An invisable person. Ooh... I'm telling you man, it's a walking tree. I mean it's gotta be. Locke looked a little scared though, just before the commercial. I thought he thought this thing was beautiful.

It's definately metal. I mean clicking gears and all. I'm confused as all hell though as to what happened with the smoke and dynamite.

Faith in Charlie.

I've heard of that gunpowder trick. But my goodness Charlie screaming just ... just killed me. This show is killing me. I have a feeling I'm gonna be left speechless by the end of this.

Were they all in the same hotel? I hate the freaking airlines and their policies of buying two tickets. Oh gotta love Hurley. His flashback has to be the best. Gate 23. Really lucky day. His plane crashed.

Umm.. Jack. Do you think it's such a good idea to be carrying torchs and dynamite?

I yelled at the tv. I wanna know what out there? In the water? Damn commercials.

Charlie has the babe in his arms. I still think there is something not quite right. And I think it has to do with Walt. Danielle said they were coming for the boy... It didn't necessarily mean the baby. So maybe that's what's in the water. They're coming for Walt.

I was right. They came for Walt. But S- Sawyer. You know I'm wondering if those "Others" were like pirates from the Blackrock. I mean that guy manning the light looked like he could pass for a pirate. I could be totally wrong about that though.

Charlie got a piece of that virgin mary.

Fucking stupid tape- cut off half way through the little boarding montage at the end. So the hatch leads to... nothing. but a set of broken steps on a ladder and tunnel that goes on for who knows how long.


Just Wow.


I adore your thoughts, lol.

It was all the same I was thinking. But I didn't realize until just now that she said "they're coming for the boy" it never dawned on me that there was another boy.

And yes, he looked like a pirate, lol.
My thoughts can be scattered sometimes. But when it comes to Lost- my mind is only on what's going on. Except when my mind starts speculating on various theories.

He sooo looked like a pirate.
I nearly ripped the fabric off of this computer chair while Charlie screamed.

I'm convinced that the Monster is Treebeard's evil twin.
It seemed that way. huh?
You just wrote up the best summary of this episode ever! Thanks! LOL! I agreed that the people on the boat are "the others". One of them did look like a pirate. I hoped they don't turn it into a Pirates of the Caribbean thing which the others are in a curse that makes them live for a long time and their true forms are seen by moonlight. I'm just making up theories. I don't know. LOL! XD But this was the best episode yet and I can't wait for the next season. :)
oh man, i screamed like a little bitch when Arzt got blown up. I was like "OMG WTF WAS THAT?"

My dad: The science teacher just got blown to bits.

Later, when Locke was running towards the "thing", my dad goes, "Hey, he should have packed some of Arzt for bait."