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OMG I forgot to mention. I messed up- BIG TIME.... I forgot about Amanda's Bacholette party on Saturday... I thought it was this coming Saturday. It was this Saturday past.

I felt so guilty- I couldn't face her today. She told Sharlene that she was fine with it. But I feel uber bad. I wanted to go so much. I wanted to have fun and party and drink with one of my best friends. I F*CKED up.

Damn it all to heck.

Sharlene just called me- said Sean has a gift for me tomorrow. Oh goody- I think I know what it is...... she also told me that her neice has lice- and she fears she has it too. Sharlene has the best hair out of anyone I know. Long curls with natural subtle highlights. (extremely envious- unless of course she has lice) . She started to cry- she has to do like 10 treatments because her hair is so long and thick. She said Sean gave her money to buy the stuff, because her funds were low.

Spoke to Darnell last night (also failed to mention- I think...). He always calls in the middle of Charmed- the bastard. We talked for like 2 hours. WOW. Everything from my new story, to politics, to fashion. He's a shirt and tie type of guy- actually kinda a prude, but that's what makes him Darnell. I would expect him to be any other way.

I am dying to see all the C4 picts that the lovely ladies from L&BA took. Stel has herself is a tizzy over her request. Got me excited to see it as well...

Yeah- that's it for tonight. unless something major happens between now and bedtime.

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