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You best jump far

Oh yeah...

BTW who won on American Idol?

Oh and slightly belated birthday to mandi_janye. Hey it's still the 25th here. (sadly I think I said the same thing to you last year too)


Yeah, tell me about it. Carrie can sing and all, but I absolutely DESPISE country music. Makes my ears bleed. So, yeah, there aren't too many people happy in my house right now.

I did just buy Bo's Band's CD for my daughter though. That seemed to make her happy.
Well I should probably invest in that for my mother- she really likes Bo. Could you tell me that name of the cd, so I know what to look for?

Here's the link to their site.
thank you ever so much for the birthday wish, being that i only just got home from my holiday i have'nt read any on the day so it does'nt matter and the thoughts all that matters

thank you xxx