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You best jump far

One more till Jimmy Kimmel

So I've been watching Alias since I didn't really watch AI.

Holy fuck. I'm not a huge fan of Alias. Since I've never watched it before this season, but it's kept me pretty occupied and intrigued enough to keep watching. Unlike Lost, I don't really care much about the characters.

But I'll tell you what. The last ten or so seconds. I screamed. Out loud. I totally saw the Jeep Cherokee coming into that crash. But it still shocked me.


Oh, I didn't really like this show until one night I decided to procrastinate and began to watch. Then I got sucked in and tonight with those last ten seconds. >.> Really makes me wonder if I'm going to watch next season.
I like Alias. I don't love it. But it's good. I think that I'll be watching next season just to find out what happened to Vaughn.