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Rock on Heavy Metal

Sugar and spice

Ok I made a glass of chocolate milk. I drank it and went back to make another glass. I couldn't find the milk. I was completely perplexed. I don't know where my brain was- but I put the milk in the freezer.


Just had to share that. Back to your life.


Oh that's nothing, today I went looking for a spoon in the fridge.
A spoon? *giggle* Awww.
I think that is good. I like that. Some people have the best stories about what they go looking for nd find in the fridge.
Hahahaha, I guess just weren't really paying attention *grin*

Tuesday night I was really tired and not paying attention at all and I almost brushed my teeth with scrub cream.....
Ewww. Did you realise before putting that in your mouth?
Luckily I did :)
Last week, sprayed one side of my hair with Glade bathroom air freshener instead of hairspray, before I realized it.