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What the hell am I expect to do this summer?

So Claire named her baby Aaron. She said later she didn't know what it meant. So of course I went and looked it up. The first thing that popped up was "In the Bible, the elder brother of Moses who helped lead the Hebrews out of Egypt."

So knowing that there have been a few references to the bible for the show, this is the most interesting of definitions. The idea that the baby could be the one to help the survivors escape the island is good. However what caught my attention was "helped his brother Moses". Which gets me to the whole reason I am posting.

The Others took Walt. The only other child to survive the flight. Could he be the Lost equivilant of Moses? I think so. With the "powers" that he seems to possess, he may be the key to escaping the island. So if the Others took him, it could be with the hope of escaping themselves or prevent the escape of the survivors.

Looking at the first possibility... The Others are looking for their own escape. I said in my review/recap that I thought that maybe the Others were the pirates from the Blackrock. Ok- maybe pirate isn't exactly the term I should use here. But ya gotta admit that the guy manning the light, doing all the talking reminded you all of a pirate, right? Anyhoo, what if they are sailors from the Blackrock and have been stuck on the island since the early to mid 19th century? I might want to get off that island too. Perhaps these beings (not all too sure bout their humanity) are gifted themselves with various powers. Perhaps cursed (doomed if you will) to stay upon the island to live out their days on the island until they have the combined abilities to leave it. Making Walt the latest piece to their collection. They may be the ones luring people to the island. Making it so that only certain types are drawn to the island. A pregnant Danielle and her crew. Flight 815. (however why the drug plane was brought there, is a totally seperate theory)

The opposite theory, of course, and the most probable is that the Others took Walt to prevent anyone else from escaping the island. If Walt is the islands' Moses, then he would have the ability to help lead the survivors back to the real world. This, to the Others, is seen as a threat to their survival. They need to keep people on the island at all times. (which has a side theory about the numbers- but I won't get into that here) Walt is taken out of the equation. This brings back to the island those who set sail on the raft (we hope). Like Danielle, they'll stay on the island with hopes of regaining what was lost. If you notice, Danielle has accepted her being on the island- she doesn't attempt to make signal fires or stay on or near the beach in hopes of rescue. After 16 years, she wanted her child back. She still wants her daughter. The survivors will not be quick to leave the island without one of their own.

We know nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to Lost. I believe Aaron was a good choice of a name. Aaron helped locate Moses in the Bible. He helped him with bringing about the exodus of the Hebrews to the Promised Land. I believe that the writers want to use the children to help bring the survivors home. Though it's probably gonna take some time, being Aaron is just an infant.

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