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Best in show

I put off doing my laundry all week. Finally went tonight and my usual landrymat was closed do to a water main break. So I went to the only other place I knew. Though it was busier, it is a hell of alot cheaper then my usual place. I think I'll be going there from now on.

One had Sawyer and Kate (from Lost) and we were all in this weird place. Like an underground tunnel- only not. Sawyer had released a tiger which turned into a snake. Us girls were pretty much freaking out. Sawyer sacrificed himself to save us.

The second had Hurley. (You know if I'm gonna dream of the men of Lost- why can't it be Dom Damn it) Anyhoo all I really remember from this one is that Hurley crushed this guy's skull with his bare hands. I woke up and was like whoa. Guess in my dreams he's not the sweet cuddly teddy bear he appears to be.

I should go tomorrow and get my hair cut. The ends are as dry as straw. Did you know that Aussie 3-minute hair reconstructor smells exactly like my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls? Yeah.

My last offical day of unemployment is tomorrow. I'm so excited.
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