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Run around

What a long day

My first day was good. Busy. I must have rode the elevator at least a dozen times. The building is huge. My feet and my knee are killing me. I should sleep well tonight. There is so much stuff they put into our brains. I can't think properly.

I'm gonna have dinner and then veg till bedtime.


Yeah such things give you a lot new impression you need to register in your brain...
Very tireing...
So glad to hear your first day went well. I know you must be exhausted! Your brain will be on overload for awhile, but then it will start to feel better, when the new information starts to sink in. I have to say I know how you feel, having been there myself a few times. Sending hugs to you and wishes for a good night's sleep.
Don't you just love how after a long, hard, physical day, it's SO nice and relaxing and nice when you finally go into that bed?

If your knee will still be hurting in a couple of days from now, don't do what I did; get a tensor bandage around your knee if it keeps going.
I've had knee problems since I was teen. I had surgery before and the doctor told me then it would be likely I would need it again. I need to loose weight (that may certainly help alot)
Glad to read that your first day went well, hun! That's fabulous! Much luck in your new job, sweetie! :D *hugs & kisses*