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You best jump far

Chocolate cake

I wanted a permenant account. I wasn't going to get one. But come on--- 100 user icons. Never have to worry about renewing. And I could transfer my paid time. I couldn't resist.

I had a little over 3months of paid time. I sat for like 20 minutes trying to figure out who I should transfer to. I have many well deserving people on my flist ya know.

I went out tonight with people from work. It was nice. I only had two drinks. We get along nicely. Which was one of my big fears. It's nice though to have Sharlene and Mikey there. I think it helped people to accept me, because Sharlene talked alot about me from what Alicia said.

I have a wicked craving for chocolate. gonna have to wait till tomorrow. I can't be bothered right now, no matter how much I crave.

Oh and the new Dom hair. It took a bit to get used to the long hair combed down- the new look isn't too bad I guess.


I was all like, Extra paid account time? WTF? lol
Well enjoy it while it last. Did you get the icons as well? I think there is more icon time then paid time... oh well.
Permanant account.
I might have to think about this one, because that sounds like a damn good deal. >.>

Chocolate and a big dose of Dom, I could totally go for that right now. :)