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You best jump far

You're gonna be pop-u-lar

I got invited to a BBQ this Saturday. I guess people like me.

I got my diploma today. *dances* I'll invest in frame and hang it up.

I put my air conditioner in. I only have it in the bedroom, but computer is in living room. So right now I'm sweltering. Even with the fan. I have a long ethernet cord- i'll be moving to the bedroom shortly with my notebook and bring a dvd or something to watch.

My foot fell asleep.

I get my first paycheck tomorrow. Personal allowance plans: Seed of Chucky dvd, sneakers, haircut, and a new bra. Most likely in that order.

Blame it on the rain just popped on my shuffled playlist. @.@ I didn't even know I had this song. However did we actually think that those two guys were singing? The singer sounds likes he has a New York accent. Eh. I still like like the song. (shut up)

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to post about, but I don't remember right now.

hee hee- icon.


Hey! At first glance I thought your icon was a penguin....but on closer inspection....not a penguin! HA!!! Have nothing else to say, so we'll leave it at that!
Far from a penguin. You didn't recognize the shape?
Well....YA! But I said at quick glance. From the waist down....it's quite obvious it's not a pengi friend. Did you make it?

On another note, whose BBQ on Saturday? And are you still going out Friday night? Wow! People do like you!!!

Congrats on your first check tomorrow. You will love the a/c in your room!

My LJ friendships are going great. I think I have just about 12 on my flist. For now, it's probably the most I can handle.
No I didn't make it. I stole it from someone a loooong time ago.

It's Alicia BBQ. She's gay and married. Yes, also going out tomorrow night.

aww you have the cutest icon.
your icon cracks me up! :)
Hahahaha, your icon rocks!
That icon is hilarious!

And you know, I still sing along with those two guys who never really sang when I hear them on the radio... My mother told me long before it came out that they weren't really singing because the producer had pulled something like that before. I told her she was lying. lol