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You're gonna be pop-u-lar

I got invited to a BBQ this Saturday. I guess people like me.

I got my diploma today. *dances* I'll invest in frame and hang it up.

I put my air conditioner in. I only have it in the bedroom, but computer is in living room. So right now I'm sweltering. Even with the fan. I have a long ethernet cord- i'll be moving to the bedroom shortly with my notebook and bring a dvd or something to watch.

My foot fell asleep.

I get my first paycheck tomorrow. Personal allowance plans: Seed of Chucky dvd, sneakers, haircut, and a new bra. Most likely in that order.

Blame it on the rain just popped on my shuffled playlist. @.@ I didn't even know I had this song. However did we actually think that those two guys were singing? The singer sounds likes he has a New York accent. Eh. I still like like the song. (shut up)

I'm sure there was something else I wanted to post about, but I don't remember right now.

hee hee- icon.
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