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You best jump far

I believe her when she speaks

I hate summer. I hate the heat. Why can't I hibernate in the summer?

They were going to let me start taking calls today, but things got sidetracked and I ended up only doing letters. Mostly just fucked off. I kinda like that about this place. It's kinda slow but not. We have slow moments that can last like an hour. Since I'm still not completely trained, I have been working all the letters that the presidents office recieves. Alot of compliments. A few complaints, but surprisingly alot of compliments. So I input everything into the system and follow up via letters or e-mail. Even though I am still not completely trained, they had enough confidence in me to have me start taking calls. But a lead would have to sit with me. And there was only one today. And she got stretched thin, so I worked on letters.

Another thing I like- I will get paid for 42.5 hours- but I was only actually there for like 40. Even though we got released early everyday this week- we still get paid for our scheduled shifts.

Tomorrow is the BBQ. It's looking like it's going to be really big. Alot of Staples people. But that's good, seeing as I have only met maybe five people who work in different offices.

I can't stop listening to this song.Oasis- she is love


I presume you might be coming over on Sunday. If you do, do you think you might have PSP9?

I don't need the big pot for the dahlia plant, cause it didn't make it. I did the best I could with it, but I guess I'd better get a hanging plant, instead. I really think my "green thumb" turned brown, but that's okay. I have other hobbies. :)

The BBQ sounds like fun tomorrow. What time are they having it? Let me know about Sunday. *hugs*
Sunday yes. PSP9 check. No pot. Check.

BBQ starts between 1 & 2.