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You best jump far

Potato salad is a sin

You know what I hate about going to the laundrymat... the people that bring in a months worth of laundry. This old couple brought in five of those 20 gallon Sterilite plastic storage bins. All full of clothes, no towels, no sheets or blankets. The old lady then has the nerve to say that there aren't enough machines and she'll have to come back tomorrow with the rest of her clothes. WTF!?!

Anyhoo, went to the parents today. Watched Seed of Chucky with Mom. She was more then amused when I told her that the voice of Glen/Glenda was Billy Boyd. Then went to the grandparents for spagetti and meatballs.

Now to relax for the rest of the night.


Ahaha *hangs head*

I am so one of those people who brings in every article of clothing they own to the laundromat. I hate doing laundry SO much, so I literally go through every single piece of clothing I own before finally taking a trip there. Some days i'll walk out of the house wearing orange pants with a green shirt and two different coloured socks...I just HATE DOING LAUNDRY.
Dude that's just wrong.

*shakes head*
Hot icon. ;)
Thank you. It took me forever to make it look proper.
:D I know how that goes
This old couple brought in five of those 20 gallon Sterilite plastic storage bins.

They must have a lot of clothes to wear.
And no sheets or towels? Do these people bathe?
I have no idea why this is grossing me out.

I almost saw Seed of Chucky the other weekend, but Blockbuster only had like five copies of it.

Is it really good?
[And should I see the unrated version? Is there even an unrated version or did I make that up in my head?]
Well I'm hoping that "the rest of her clothes" that she was talking about includes towels and sheets. =/

I loved Seed of Chucky. It was funny and kinda gory in places. The only thing I noticed different on the unrated dvd that I noticed, was an extra added bit at the end that I didn't recall seeing at the cinema.
Let's hope that's what she meant as well.
And you won't have to see her again, hopefully. Although it would be fun tomorrow to go back and see how many washers they are using. Just out of curiosity. o.O

Okay, I'm going to have to hunt down a copy.
I've only seen 'Child's Play' which I found funny. Especially when Chucky gets shot and goes flying five feet in the air. O.o yeah I know I'm a little strange, but it's doll. LOL!
Well then... you need to see Bride of Chucky. If you have only seen Child's Play- you don't even have to see the rest except for Bride of.. to be caught up.
Okay, sounds like a plan! :)