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Rock star boots

One is the loneliest number

There are a lot of celebrity look alikes at Staples corp.

First thing this morning, I saw a guy that I swear looked just like William Mapother. It was an uncanny resemblence.

Another uncanny resemblence was this guy in the cafeteria who looked just like John Cho. Harold of the Harold and Kumar go to White Castle fame. I did a triple take when I saw him.

Then there is Fran Drescher in a fat suit woman. She even has the annoying laugh.

There are almost 3000 people who work in our building alone (*gumbles* no wonder I can never find a good parking spot.). I'm sure I'll see more celeb look-alikes.


3,000 people? O.o whoa.

Celeb look alikes are fun. Although I'm sure the Fran Drescher lady could be grating to the nerves...
3000 people. Watching the parking lot at 5pm is fun. like looking at scurring little ants.

The Fran Drescher lady thankfully works in the west wing- I'm in the east.
Dude, I work with five other people but it's at a mall. O.o
I'm sure parking must just be peachy. :/

Whew, that's a close one. Let's just hope she doesn't get transfered to your wing. Ever.

Well the smoking area is common to both wings. So that's where I see her. (*slaps own wrist* I know bad girl for smoking)

Do you all have to break at the same time? Because maybe if you figure out when she usually goes on break then maybe you could pick a different time to go? I dunno. I'm just being too overly helpful because if I had to hear her voice I think I would NOT be able to tolerate it. Even the annoying laugh. O_O

(It's your choice. I think I would need a cigarette to help calm my nerves from the Fran Drescher lady...)
Well I have scheduled break time. It can change daily though. We get out break for the day in the morning. I've only seen her twice. But today she was talking to someone and she laughed and I just cringed.

Oh that laugh...ugh!

*hands you ear plugs*
You had a Fran Drescher person at your last job, too. Elaine who worked with me used to look pretty much like her, and her laugh was very annoying.

Anyway, can you come over Saturday, as I'm thiking of going to my sister's Sunday afternoon.

Also, there is something wonky going on with my computer, (probably viruses). It is slower than usual, and acts like it can't find where I tell it to go. Just thought I'd tell you.
Consider it done.
*imagines fat fran*

Did you ever watch the Nanny. There was an episdode where she had an allergic reaction and swelled up. That's what this lady looked like.
thats quite scary. I am officially sort of frightened.
Be afraid.

Be very afraid.