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You best jump far

Knock, knock?


This is gonna be my new obsession. Speaking of which...

List 10 celebrities you think are attractive then tag 7 of your friends.

1. Dominic Monaghan (like you didn't expect him at number one)
2. Billy Boyd
3. Brendan Fraser
4. Josh Holloway
5. Johnny Depp
6. Christian Kane
7. Ewan McGregor
8. Evangeline Lilly (no one said they had to be all of the opposite sex)
9. Shane West
10. Adrian Brody

I tag whomever hasn't done this yet. I don't think merewen_ruby or estelaaragorn have done this yet.


*giggles at your icon*
Ahhh I had to look up Christian Kane. But now I remember him from Friday Night Lights, which is like one of the best football movies EVER.

And your icon is fantastic.

AHAHAHA.. so I'm trying to choose the icon that I'm going to use for this comment, but your LJ background is black, so I can't see my actual icon list until my mouse highlights it. I'm gonna close my eyes and randomly choose one.

Er. /random babbling
I thought I fixed that with the scrolling through the icon choices...

Christian Kane is beautiful for a man. Great singer too.
=P I did it yesterday sum1 tagged me =P
Well smack me upside the head and call me strange. I did see that.. I've been tempted to leave very angry comments for poepl whodon't list Dom first. But then I remebered, everyone has a right to their opinion.
I'm going to do that too, once I can decide my top 10 and upload a pic of everyone. :D
I thought thinking of ten people was going be hard, but I was rather surprised at quickly I was able to think of ten individuals.
Hmmm - are you a rival for Billy's affections? Because if you are, bring it on, sister!!! *makes angry face*