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Be merry / bases by skint

Into the abyss

I just got a crank call. It was rather amusing.

The caller was a female and all they said was "Say good bye to John bitch"
and then hung up.

I know that there was a John who had this number for me. But that was well over a year ago.

I don't know what I find more amusing, the fact that the threat means absolutely nothing to me or that the idiot didn't stay on the phone long enough for me to tell her.

It was a blocked call I should have let the answeing machine pick up. I leave my name on the greeting. I wonder if she would have noticed.


someone called me and said, "say goodbye to my little friend" and couldn't help but thinking, "isn't it hello to my little friend?"

I know such calls. They are both amusing and annoying at the same time. But you can be glad because you got an answering machine. I have to take each call, without exception.

I've never gotten a crank call before. (Now I'll get one today.)