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Get up stand up.

I want to see this promo

I finally got my hair cut. Nothing spectacular. But I finally did it.

Picked up ma around 11:30ish and took off around noonish. We found the cinema ok. However was completely perplexed on how to get into the parking lot. The exit to the lot was the only thing I could find. So we parked on the street and went for lunch, as we got there about an hour early.

As we walked back to car I saw a sign that said the entrance for parking lot was up the road. Twas a really odd set up.

Anyway. The movie. WOW. I really enjoyed it. It is not as happy as the trailer makes it out to be. But one thing my mom said that I totally agree with is that I have a greater respect for penguins.

I forgot about Live8 till we went to lunch where it was playing on the TV. I'm so very disappointed to have missed Pink Floyd. Skimming my flist it seems they were the act to see. If anyone knows where I might be able to find a download of the performance- I'll love you forever.

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