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You best jump far

Rock a bye

My brother just called.

He and his wife are going to be adopting a baby!!!

It'll be a a year or two before they get the kid, but I'm gonna be auntie, not just a step auntie.


That's fantastic! Congratulations to all of you!
*flails like Kermit*

I'm so excited. I think I'm also more excited that they're adopting, because I was adopted too.
Ooh, I never knew!
I'd be so exited. I'm really happy on behalf of you all :D
Brian told us when we were in the restaurant, waiting for our meal. I was ecstatic, as you can imagine. I had not ever imagined they would want to adopt a baby, so I was extremely happy!!! Robin said they had been trying to have their own, but it wasn't happening, and it would be risky her getting pregnant with diabetes and high blood pressure. They are going through DSS, and want a baby, not an older child. A toddler would be okay, but their aiming for as newborn as possible. The DSS would keep the parents and adoptive parents secret, like they did at Catholic Charities, because Nick mentioned..."what if the biological mother, when she got older wanted the child back", so that shouldn't be a problem. The sex of the baby does not matter.

Can you imagine....we might be grammy, grampy, and auntie?
*jumps for joy*

A baby!! The LaPorta name may yet survive another generation.
Aww that's awesome ^_^
Congratulations! :-)
aaaaawwwww how precious, what a beautiful thing!!! congrats♥ :)