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All of us guilty

It's the Lost ad I had mentioned the other day. That's a fabulous ad. Nothing like you'd ever see over here in the US.


OMG that's amazing -- it gave me chills!
It is awesome. Just the imagery- not even the fact it has nothing to do with what it is actually trying to sell.
It's interesting that Claire is dancing with Boone and not Charlie... O_o
that's amazing!
That's...a weird ad for a show like Lost. It's pretty to look at, but I don't know if I'd seen that before seeing the show if I'd have watched it, solely based on that ad alone. It doesn't really represent the show accurately, you know? Besides the words that they're all saying, anyway. It makes it looks more like a soap opera taking place on an island than the mysterious show that it actually is.

I don't know...maybe I'm analyzing it too much.
Awesome! Have managed to save and will upload for others to see :)
Cool beans.
Whoa, that's really really cool. Wish there were more shots of Dom in it, though.

Thanks for the link!
thats very artisit i like how lock was "conducting" very appropriate! But not enough of DOM
I've been looking all over for this! THANK YOU!
*flail* Boourns on it not working anymore.
Not working- go here for a downloadable version. Here for caps of it.
omfg thank you. :D
*coughs and looks shifty*

I may of just screencapped the hell out of that ad. It was so pretty it called to me so I can make icons from it.
I will try to clean up the caps and post them in my journal either sometime tomorrow (errr today seeing as it's 4am right now) or on Weds.

so so pretty.....
Cool. The ad is such a low res. they're very hard to work with. See I tried. I guess I've done worse.