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Happy Fourth to my American brethren.

I want to thank the genius who came up with the smiley face fireworks. I got such a big kick out of those.


I don't even remember what I did last year... *runs off to check*
Ya....weren't those smiley faces the greatest? I got a kick out of those, too! Loved the fireworks!

Since yesterday, with Bri & Robin's news, I haven't been able to calm down. All I can think of baby....baby....grandbaby! I had no idea they were even considering adopting. I had no clue. I think I'm in a pleasant kind of shock!

There are smiley face fire works? :o
I have never heard of them either....
Yeah- I was watching the Boston Pops 4rth Spectular thingie on tv and about in the middle of the display - there was this huge smiley face. One dot each for the eyes and a smile. It's was great.
I saw those at Downtown Disney on Sunday! The fireworks that people come up with. It's so advanced now and I love it! :D
Aren't they the greatest thing? I was truly amused when I saw them.