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You best jump far

So last year, before Sharlene's wedding, I made a prediction. I said that Sharlene would be pregnant by her 30th birthday.

Well her birthday was 7-2. She was due for her period 7-1. Well we figured that she had cramps and breast tenderness that my prediction was wrong.

Well this morning I came in and Sharlene pulled me into her cubicle and showed me a pregnancy test. There were two lines.

She's going this afternoon for a proper test.

I'm so excited. My prediction might be right.


Any pregnant news from Sharlene? *hugs*
She'll get the test results tomorrow. I couldn't stop smiling at her all day. She kept hitting me telling me to stop. She's only mentioned the possibilty to Sean, his mom, her mom and me. Not even her sister knows.

I feel special.
You ARE special!!!