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You best jump far

A boy named Noah William

My Sharlene is pregnant!! I've been smiling all day.


Why isn't OMGSUPEREXCITED!!11!!@ a mood?


Give my Congratulations to Sharlene and Sean!!!! That is wonderful!!!! Tell me more!....due date?... names?...anything? *runs over and hugs you*

And your prediction was right!!!
Would be due in March. Boy would be Noah William. A girl would be Morgan Taylor.

I told Sharlene to expect a boy. She's told everybody about my prediction.
thats so great, my new neice is due in a few weeks, her name is going to be jazmyn.

Whats with the OMG DOM and EVE am i missing something in my lack of internet time? *looks at mama la*
This and this! Evie is so freaking beautiful. Dom is just dreamy.