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Welcome to my life

Watched the Avaitor with Ma. I was trying to explain to her that the same woman who played Galadriel played Kathrine Hepburn. She couldn't picture Galadriel, though she's seen the movies. So Ma- click here for Galadriel.

So after going to Ma's I went to the laundrymat. I got dive bombed by this huge ass beetle. Which upon swatting away went down my shirt and into my bra. EEKS! Ok, try not to panic. Run to the bathroom and disrobe and shake out my bra till the little bugger skitters onto the floor.

I arrived home just to beat a quick 20 minute storm. As I unlocked my door there was a flash of lightning and clap of thunder. 20 seconds in the house and it starts pouring.

Then Sharlene calls. We chatted a bit and then I went food shopping. I wanted to beat the next storm. Thankfully I was still shopping as it passed.

Now I am home and can enjoy the rest of the evening.

swoonstar left me drooling this morning. Hires Dom makes Lala a very happy girl.

patsie also went and made Lala a very happy girl as well.

Must make a few icons of the Rolling Stone outakes. Like I really need anymore Dom icons. Actually I do. I'm obsessed. What can I tell ya.

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