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Dust in the wind

To the weird guy with his zipper down,

I understand that you were trying to be a gentleman by holding the door open for me. But in case you failed to notice the long hair and tits, I am woman. I think I'd rather use the gender appropriate bathroom.


To all those on flist that know, love and are curious about daliahellyes,

It's been scratching away at me for the last month to send Froda a letter. Just a what's up, how you doing, OMGWEALLMISSU!?! type of letter. I got to thinking today after seeing several Have you seen this person? questions on flist that I'll write the letter tomorrow. I also thought that maybe you would like to contribute something. A letter of your own, a message, a picture, a goofy cartoon, something that I could print out and send to her like a care package.

Would you be interested in doing this? If so, e-mail your message to I would like to gather everything and ship it by next weekend (july 23rd) the latest.
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