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Dust in the wind

To the weird guy with his zipper down,

I understand that you were trying to be a gentleman by holding the door open for me. But in case you failed to notice the long hair and tits, I am woman. I think I'd rather use the gender appropriate bathroom.


To all those on flist that know, love and are curious about daliahellyes,

It's been scratching away at me for the last month to send Froda a letter. Just a what's up, how you doing, OMGWEALLMISSU!?! type of letter. I got to thinking today after seeing several Have you seen this person? questions on flist that I'll write the letter tomorrow. I also thought that maybe you would like to contribute something. A letter of your own, a message, a picture, a goofy cartoon, something that I could print out and send to her like a care package.

Would you be interested in doing this? If so, e-mail your message to lalablue@livejournal.com. I would like to gather everything and ship it by next weekend (july 23rd) the latest.


I would love to send her a card or something, just to tell her that she's on my mind often. :) I'd probably send it directly though, since it makes more sense to do it that way.

Oh, is that ok if I can point people this way, in case they want to send something to her as well? :)
Of course, I would love to have a few things to send to her.
I'm down with that idea - definitely want to let her know that we're thinking of her. *sigh*
Hotmail's wonky, so I'll just write here what I've been meaning to tell you - just let her know that I miss her, I care for her, to at least drop in and say 'hi' and that I hope she's alright. :/
Just let her know that we're all thinking of her and hoping she's okay. I've been wondering off and on for the past God knows how many weeks about where she's gone and if she's okay...

That's an awesome idea, I'll definitely send you something! I've been thinking about writing her too, but I never could think of writing more than "OMG WHERE R U????one!!!?
A message a message....
I'll email it to you when I think of what I want to write besides 'I miss you', etc.

Zipper down? Wrong bathroom?

Dude Staples just becomes more and more interesting...
I miss her productions. :(

I'll think of a message and send it your way.
I KNOW WTF. I'm worried!

From me, just tell her that fandom_chat misses her, and we're always thinking of her.
Er! *emails*
That's a really fantastic idea, La! I'll be more than happy to put something in. I'm really worried... :( Thanks for doing this! I'll try to send something this weekend.

Ugh, shoulda said this a while ago, but better late than never right? :)

Prolly from me? That there are ridiculously SO many people who are loving her and missing her and are ridiculously w-o-r-r-i-e-d about her as she hasn't been around. That loves and cuddles all around are surrounding her as she might or might not know it. ^_^

Thanks so much for doing this, LaLa. :)
Could you just tell her that she's on my mind, and I'd love to hear from her sometime? Thanks.