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Mayo on the side.

Ever touch something because you're not sure what it is and once you realize what it is, you're all like ewwww!!!

Yeah. Yucky!

Thank goodness it's Friday. The week is over.


What did you touch that was ewwww!! Yucky!!!? Just curious.

Tomorrow you won't need to bring a movie. Your Dad rented "The Pacifier" and "Hitch", for our vacation weekend.

See you when you get here! Need I say I am looking forward to seeing you, as always!

I made a turkey sandwich last night and I moved the knife and apparently forgot to wipe up the left over mayo. I thought it was was water, but it was squishy.
Ohhhh!.... Is that all it was!!! When I touch something yucky, at first not knowing what it is....it's nearly always something with tiny feet or wings....I gotta say that mayo wouldn't send me into a panic. :)

Anyway, have you seen either the Pacifier or Hitch? (Probably not....cuz you love horror!) :)
Haven't seen either. Want to see Hitch though.
Okay....Hitch it is!

BTW, love that icon you just used!
As a rule, if I don't know what it is....I'm NOT touchin it! LOL