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You best jump far

I love my fandom. There is so much pretty. So many nice, generous, and crazy people.

Go join dom_dedicated if you haven't already done so.

Whomever gets these without watermarks will not only own the internet, but break it too.



I was just given a response on my LJ, with TAGLESS OMG (photoshopped, but it's damn good).

That's so much better then the job I've trying to do. Thank you so much for pointing me back to your comments.
LOL no problem! ^_^ I am actually posting it publicly, so...yeah. ONLY public post. If you want to link it, you can.
Aww. I'm not into that fandom anymore, but I still have a wee soft spot for Dom. Such a good looking boy, rawr. I kinda miss my LoTR obsessed days...
Well, we will welcome you back anytime you want a trip down memory lane.

I think I'm going to start traveling with an extra pair of underwear so I can be prepared when they do show in hi-res. x_x
My luck they'll appear tomorrow while I'm at work. My computer at work is so selective about what photos it wants to show me.
Someone on my flist posted those pics high-res without tags.