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You best jump far

Getting away from it all

Though Sharlene is just 8 weeks pregnant, her boobs are just getting huge. She was in my cubicle today when I noticed. She was like 'Yeah I know, touch here, it's so squishy'. So I touched. Just as Mikey was walking by.

He passed by maybe two steps and just turned around with this huge smile on face. He says "was she just touching your boob?"

Sharlene puts her arm around me and says "Yeah Mikey, didn't you know this is what women do in their spare time"

Mikey turns bright red. We laughed. It was all good.


the irony that crystalgamgee is the one to do it is not lost on me.

I love it when fandom somehow comes full circle.
The irony is not lost on me either- but damn that was a hard picture to untag. I was hesitant to share the link- but no one knew if (or when) the hires untagged versions would be available.
*grin* that must have been a funny situation
HA!!!....really funny situation with Sharlene and you and then Mikey. I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that scene! I would be ROFL.
HAhaha! Good comeback, Sharlene.