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You best jump far

little known facts

Hi-res beauty.

I feel I have nothing to contribute to the fandom. I pass along links for things other people have posted. I can't find anything newsworthy to save my life. I have no access to pictures sites. I am just a another lonely little fangirl.


Awe, but that's okay! And don't say lonely, because you're not the only one. WE WUV LALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See? Even DOM is singing your name!!!!! XD

*sings along with Dom*
meeee toooo ahh :/. but you know what? it's not our responsibility to be the ones to contribute, so we're ooookay : ). not to mention there's a million others out there just like us!
But I like being responsible.

(actually I just wanna be the one to bring the squee once and a while)
But where would fandom be WITHOUT fangirls??


Happy middle-aged fangirl.
I get that feeling sometimes, but then I imagine the woes of being a BNF.