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Lose Yourself

I'm having a Bobcat Goldthwait moment

So that guy held the door to the mens room open again for me today. This time I followed him in. I stopped and said " Ok you got me in the mens room finally, what do you plan on doing with me?" He had the most horrifed look on face. It was priceless. I laughed- he turned red. I walked out. I think he muttered something about how stupid he was.

I got very frustrated today. I got to the point where all I could do was laugh.

It's so freaking muggy right now. There's occasional thunder and lightning. The sky is this peculiar shade of pinkish red.

I know I'm forgetting something I wanted to post about. But my mind is drawing a complete blank.


It has been muggy as hell here for a long time. We finally got storms last night, and today it has been SO nice. High was around 78 degrees! Hopefully you'll get rain and it will cool off too!
You handled yourself so well. I applaud you.
It's been 108+ here lately . Ugh .

Well - men are so weird sometimes. =0)
you OWNED the bathroom dude. awesome.
LOL! La, scaring off poor guys :P