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You best jump far

The girl who wears a dirty shirt, knows exactly what she worth

I ran into that guy again near the bathrooms. I told him we had to stop meeting like this...He stopped before going in and said, "You know, it's only because I raised to hold the door for woman. I hope you didn't think I thought you were a man." I told him I understood. He then said he told his co-workers about going into the bathroom with him. He said that had them all in hysterics.


I had my very first Quiznos sub today. It was really good. Almost everyone in our department got one. I went with Alicia to help carry everything back. The place was a mad house. They sold my sub to someone else. So they had to make it all over again. =S I only mention it because it was a really good sub.

I want to go see The Aristocrats. I need to a good laugh. I need to hear some good curse words.


Hi! Completely off subject....we are all going to meet at the restaurant between 4:30 and 5:00 PM tomorrow. The plan is for whoever gets there first to ask for a table for 10. Nick plans to get there sometime close to just before 5:00. I think this is so we won't have to wait quite so long before being seated.

See you tomorrow. Come whenever you want. You know me, I'll be here all day. (Dad works til 3:00). *hugs* and *wishes for pleasant dreams*
I'll be there around noonish.
Okay, noonish is good!

The icon you just used....that was the one I said how much I liked Dom's expressions. He's so adorable! But, then you knew that.
So the guy was just being a gentleman - awfully nice of him, actually, lol! Although came off as a bit odd, but dude - gentlemen are a dying breed, lol!
I'm desperate to see The Aristocrats. But I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD, as I can't see Norwegian cinemas showing it. Fucktards.

Hopefully someone's clever enough to leak it online.