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Hello there

You want to make something of it?

The president of our company looks like a younger skinner version of my former peditrician. Freaky. He was funny as hell. He kept getting off topic. What was supposed to be a half hour meeting turned into an hour and half.

BTW- wordsbyallie there will something shipped to your address for me. I'll explain later.


So you met the president! Well....that's a good thing, I guess!

In speaking of your pediatrician, I remember there were two. Are you speaking of the tall dark handsome one, or the shorter chubbier one? Just curious!
The tall dark one. Our president is greek, so he's dark.
Oh, okay! Remember you were very young (I don't remember your age at the time), but when the doctor walked in, you immediately told him how handsome he was. (Can't remember your exact words), but he was surprised you said that, laughed, and told you, you were pretty cute yourself. I'll never forget how he looked surprised at your outgoingness at such a young age. Just thought I'd share that with you.
Well at least he was funny so it wasn't a boring hour and half? right? O.O;;

Exactly. And he gave us coupons. So it was all good.
Sweet. =)