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Locke - Truffle shuffle

Before the party's over

The BBQ was fun. Played Bocce ball. Megan's husband is funny as hell. I got a digital camera. Some of the pictures I thought I took, didn't take. Finally started figuring the damn thing out at the end of the event. So only a few things to show.

This dragonfly never moved.

Alicia is my lead at work. She is the gay one.

This is Alicia with her wife Helia.

And this is Xena. The most mild tempered dog I've ever met. One of my co-workers Jim took a picture of Xena while she was sitting on my lap. I'm hoping he'll have that for me on Monday.


Ooh, pretty dragonfly pic!! Glad to see you had a great time! Bocci ball is fun, btw :D
It's not Bocce? Oh well. It was still fun.
No, it's bocce - I mispelled it, lol!
That DOG sat in your lap??? WOW!!! You are brave....and strong!!!

Glad you had a good time!
i'm glad you said he was mild cause he looks like he belongs in a security force
What is Bocce ball?
It's kinda like lawn bowling. you throw a white ball. then with one of the colored balls try to get those as close as possible to the white ball.