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I'm getting ready to poke out my ovaries with a spoon. My period is over a week late. No. I'm not pregnant. I appear to lack one key element in making that happen. But I've had cramps for well over a week. Sometimes they're just a dull ache, sometimes, like right now, is absolute torture.

I've taken two showers today. Cool, because it's so damn hot. It makes me feel better for a few minutes.

I tried taking a nap, but I was awaken by my house shaking because of thunder. I'm rather surprised we haven't lost power. I hope we don't. I need my fans and ac. My thighs are so raw for the heat and rubbing together. (did I mention this was way too much information?)

I feel so bored. I can't get into the rythmn of writing today. I can't wait for Lost to start again. I miss the squee.


Since your health insurance will begin on Sept. 1st, do you think you should call a gyn. dr. and make an appt. for the very first of Sept.? I want you to feel better as soon as possible, as I am sure you want to, also. Then if you call ahead, you will only have to wait 2 weeks to be seen.

mmmh...maybe it's the heat? Not that I ever heard of a period being late because of heat....
I hope you will be ok
If it makes you feel better, my period does that from time to time too. :/ I get all the cramps and symptoms, but no period. Hope you feel better! *hugs*