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You best jump far

So I just got this cold telemarketing type call.

It was an automated voice asking if I am pro-life to press 1 and if I'm pro-choice to press 9. I feel compelled to find out what would happen when I make my choice. So I press 9. As I am pro-choice and have been known to fiercely defend a woman's right to choose. So the automated voice tells me thank you for choicing pro-life. WTF?!? What a way to mess with the numbers. Then it tells me that if I would like to help the pro-life movement to press 3. I was tempted to press it just to see I got a human that I could tell off.

But I restrained myself.


What the fucking hell?
omg I *so* would have given the operator a piece of my mind. You are virtuous in your self-control.
Dude that's fucked up.
OOh you should have pressed 3, hahahaha
Stupid you only got an automated voice *tsk*