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You best jump far

But can I - in all honesty- just ask you this- how can this man be so hot and so dorky and still make me cum melt?

I was squee all day. Dominic hands. and Dominic tongue. Get check Patsie's jounal. Go there now. She has more. Including Elijah, Viggo and Orli.

*whine about my day*
My day could have been better, could have been worse. People are idiots. People haven't learned to listen. They blame everyone else for their mistakes. Things happen. Things get lost. You try processing 100,000 rolls of film a night. So you get slides insteads prints- you made a error, get over it. Listen to customer service. They know what they are talking about.
I could whine more. But I'll spare you.
*end whine*

Good day and bad day. Pain and hunger. happy and sad. Smart and stupid. This has been my day. How was yours?


*hugs* Sorry to hear you had a bad day - if it's any consolation to you, my day wasn't as spiffy either - It was the kind of day where I just think about where the hell I'm going in life...