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If I take one more step...

Why am I watching FotR on TNT, when I have both versions on DVD? Because I'm too lazy to get up and put in a dvd. I've been wanting to watch Heavy Metal. *kicks self in the ass*

I made a few icons. And uploaded a few from other makers.

At work, we ordered from TGIFridays. I had the Jack Daniels burger. Twas very happy and quite full. Sharlene didn't get anything, but I gave her half my burger. We got out early today. Which is nice for a Friday.

I got to wondering about producing a script. I get the idea that obviously most scripts are not shot word for word and changes get made. That kinda scares me. I would like to think that I write well enough to get by, but what if someone were to like my idea, but hate my script?

I am not done completely with the script. There are little added things. Presentation, reorganizing scenes, adding a few scenes, lines etc... But the meat of it is done. Which makes me happy.

What else? That's really about it.
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