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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bondage:
    Heh. Come on. A little control over your partner ain't such a bad thing. Is it?
  2. chrome:
    I blame my ex. Everything needs to be shiny and loud.
  3. domlijah:
    This really isn't so much an interest of mine anymore. I wasn't so much a tinhat then a tinkilt.
  4. fifth element:
    One of the greatest sci-fi movies ever. The diva's aria intermixed with LeeLoo's kung fu is the greatest scene ever.
  5. internet:
    May I never loose it.
  6. lost:
    *bows down to JJ*
  7. museum of science:
    I start the training for Star Wars exhibit in two weeks. I miss the museum very much.
  8. rocky horror picture show:
    A mental mind fuck can be nice, eh?
  9. tabula rasa:
    Starting over. I'm all for it. Next time I want to be a billionaire.
  10. writing:
    I wanted to write the next great amercian novel. I'd settle for the next Oscar winning movie. =D

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