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You best jump far


I'm pissed. I'm beyond pissed.

I took the last call at 3 minutes of 6. Everyone. I mean everyone disappeared at 6pm. Including my supervisor. I can understand why my co-workers (my "friends") left. They couldn't help me if I needed a supervisor to take the call. But my suporvisor. Come on. I understand I'm not quite the newbie anymore, but she needed to stay to make sure that my call didn't turn into a supervisor call.

It's petty. I've been left alone there before. Luckily nothing turned into a supervisor call before. It really pissed me off though.


That really sucks! It would've pissed me off, too.
You know, I know that of my own job. Of course, we are never fully alone seeing as we provide 24-hour service, but still, our supervisors leave perfectly on time most of the time and so do our colleagues - they don't care if you get a call or not, they expect you to be able to handle it, full stop. That bites, but unfortunately there's nothing you can do.

*hugs you*
that is really annoying *tsk*