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Ok now I'm excited.

So that's what's in the hatch. I read the spoiler on about the opening. It didn't really make much sense. But now that I've seen it, it's still makes no sense, but the concept is not lost on me.

Ooh. Did Jack just let Shannon's father die?

Hey Charlie looks cleaner.

Hey, little Walter. Hey little Walter, don't you know someone's out to get you? (whoa deja vu') Nevermind thinking Hurley's crazy, it's Shannon's turn now. Sude she needs to bathe.

Jack's Bedside manner sucks.

Jack is Charlie, Charlie is Jack. Ouch, my head hurts. Dr. Jack's bedside manner really does suck.

Let's all count together now, shall we?

I love that john continues to lower Kate down and she just like "oooh - kay".

Oh Noes!!! Kate! I thought that would have been the end of the episode. But hey, look. Twenty more minutes.

Jack is not going to be happy when he finds out about that?

Jack's going down? On his own?

Let's just run through and empty stadium. Hey, scottish guy... What's his name again?

Another life, eh? So is Desmond the guy in the hatch? Creepy place that hatch. The key thing was cool. What the fuck is this hatch thing? It's gotta be a testing place of some sort. How did Locke get down?

Damn commercials.

But Sara walks again... I mean she and Jack get married and she was walking. She's wiggling her toes? The look of utter shock and happiness on his face. It's nice.

Ok who's Desmond? Did he have something to do with bringing down the plane? Ooh. I have so many thoughts floating through my head.


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