Lala (lalablue) wrote,

Wow, Intense opening. I like how Sawyer when to Michael first. However, I'm now worried about Jin. You heard him once, I didn't notice any splashing in the background there.

God I'm starving. I never got to have dinner.

The season premier should have been two hours, that why things could be linear.

Who's Him? Answer the wrong way and Desmond gonna put a cap in your ass.

Oh dude, Shark. It's Jaws size. I'm glad it wasn't a fin that we saw first. I like the above/underwater shot.

It's only a shark. Best line ever.

Sawyer's scream is the scariest/creepiest/most painful sound.

You gotta band aid. Ok this is the best line ever.

Kate's look of death when Locke called her a fugitive. Ooh he slipped her a knife. Ok, Locke slightly redeemed himself with that move.

Oh Charlie and Aaron. Wonder when Charlie's show is gonna be?

They need to stop trying to place blame. Find Jin, damn you.

Kate eating and then stealing a few candy bars was great. After 44 days without "normal" food, that place would be a haven.

The numbers!! I'm so curious. I need to know what they mean. Why would they need to be entered into a computer like that? Who is Desmond? God I love this show.

Ooh shark!! Scare the fuck of me. Please tell me he didn't shoot Sawyer? Oh ok. Ok, now Jaws is my ultimate scary movie. I like watching the ocean, but you'll never get me in it.

I am so behind on my friends list.

Baby Walt!! Polar bear stuffed animal. A prelude to the future. Oh poor Michael. That had to be the hardest thing in the world to do.

We're home.


Udders! I mean, Others.

I cannot wait till next week.
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