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You best jump far

So last night I dreamed I was mother to a gorilla and an orangutan. They each had two babies. The orangutan had kittens. And the gorilla had gorillas. I was happy and making faces at them.

Yeah, just thought I'd share that before I forgot. (the closest I got to an ape icon)


Last night on Lost, wasn't Charlie making faces at the baby while he was holding him?....maybe your dream of being happy and making faces at your babies came partly from that. I just thought of that. Charlie was making such funny faces. You can't help but love "sweet charlie"!

BTW, the FedEx man came about 11:00 this AM. I didn't even see him! He knocked, and was gone in a flash! (Maybe he was running late with his deliveries.)

Can you imagine, how I feel....two major toys in the space of 15 hours??? Wow!

Hope you're having a good day at work! (((big hugs)))
Goodness that was quick. Make sure you keep out of harms (dads) way.
So you were the grandmother to the kittens and baby gorillas?
Hooray for weird dreams!
They're way better than scary dreams, at least.
All of a sudden, I felt like this entry came from an excerpt of Koko's Kitten or something, lol!
Koko's Kitten? I vaguely remember something about that. Koko was a gorilla, right?
you bare really weird children
I'll just say they must have taken after their father(s). =P
I told my friend Sharlene about this dream this morning and she told me that I need to seek professional help. Now.


This dream only scratches the surface of my demented mind.