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I woke up with one hell of a migrane. I felt like my eyes weer going to pop out of my head. I too two excedrien called out of work and went back to sleep. I feel so much better, my don't feel like they're gonna fall out of my head anymore. But the longer I'm awake, the more I feel the headache coming back. Bastard.

Last night's training wasn't as fun as last weeks' but definately informitive. One the carts is going to prostesis' on it. Everything from cochlear implants to titanium legs. There is a group working with MIT to develope a retinal implant to help some blind people see again. However our group raised so many questions, the poor doctor said he's now going to have to raise these same questions and retool some things.

I had another strange dream last night. I won't bore you with the details. Just know that Santa Clause, Dracula, and my old neighborhood were involved. ~.^ Yeah.

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