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You best jump far

Ya know I love seeing icons I made being used by people in various communities and such. But I get a little irked when I see that I didn't get credited. I don't do anything about it, but I'd still like that validation.


I don't blame you one bit. I get so annoyed when I see people who don't credit. People who make icons DESERVE the credit!!!
Yeah, that does suck.
I've had people steal pics I made and submit them to other people's websites under the ridiculous name "Anna Brandybuck" or some damn thing. I was really upset when I found it. That was back in the L&BA days.

Did you email/comment the person who didn't give you credit?
There was actually a few that I've noticed lately. And no. I feel like if I make any sort of a deal about it, that I'll come off as the bad guy.

I remember a few problems with pictures you made. I don't make the greatest icons, but you're right not giving credit where credit is due sucks.