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You best jump far

The flowers that the customer sent me on Friday. Aren't they purdy?

I drove Mikey to the train station tonight, his car is in the shop, so I thought I'd help him out. My good deed for the day.


Aww, they're lovely. It almost rekindles your faith in mankind (if you ever had any) when people do things like that.
The issue I had with the customer aggravaited me so much and I was so relieved that I could actually solve it to her satisfaction. The actual issue is still ongoing, but the customer herself is no longer involved.

They are lasting so very well.
You got flowers? From a customer? That is jus t so sweet.
Isn't it? I never I got flowers delivered to me at work before.
The flowers are really pretty, and they are staying fresh so long!

Congrats for a job well done!
ooh those flowers are nice :)
Did your icon always blink? I never noticed it blinking before. It scared me.
yes it did :)