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You best jump far

I didn't get shoes like I wanted. I couldn't find anything I liked. Styles today, just so aren't me. I bought sneakers though. I needed a new pair anyway.
I obviously won't be wearing them tomorrow... but nonetheless.

I got my mom an LJ account. So I've been training her today. It's been quite the feat. I need to try and make her some nice icons. She's obessed with the dancing penguins one.

That's all I got tonight.


Bah... I hate buying shoes.
I hate Shopping.

And you must ginve me your moms LJ name when you can. hehe

I agree about the shoe styles...I can't wear those little petite sizes (i'm in a size 9 and half-10 womens) and the makers think that just because you have bigger feer, the older the person is so they make all these old people shoes in my size. I hate that.