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You best jump far

So the walk through

When they said it wasn't finished. They meant it. And they expect it be complete tomorrow. Good luck.

It looks really nice. One it's done, there is gonna be so much hands on stuff. Building little robots and racing them over a little track. There is a theater that has a short interactive type program about roboticts. It's a bit corny, but the kiddies will enjoy it.

It's weird seeing the costumes. It's not like LotR where everything looks like they were finely made, the Star Wars costumes look rather chinsey. A lot of plastic and polyester fabic. However the wookie costumes looked spectacular. It was a touch odd to see one with dreadlocks. ~.^

The models of the spacecraft were really neat. There was some really nice detail on some of them. The pod racer model compared to the imperial starship model shows how much the models have advanced over the decades.

If you have a chance to get to the Museum of Science in Boston between November and April, do so. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Make sure you stop at the interpeturer carts. =D


I saw an article about this (with photos) in the October Family Fun magazine. I thought of you!
Oh thank you. It's nice to be remembered.
NERDGASM. I want to go ;_;