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...And found

They're going to eat us!!! Arghhhhh!!!

Fish. Man knows how to fish.

Poor Jin. That man made him feel thissmall. Grrr. If that's Sun's father, I can see why he wanted to run away.

Aww, Jin missed the first glimpse of his wife. No, dont smile at the bald dude.

Bpo Bpo. (that's cute)

Locke, I love his philosaphy.

They don't leave tracks. What they levitate?

Cripes!! that's quite a few others. all with barefeet. Creepy. I have a few ideas who the others. But I don't really want to theorize, because knowing Lost, I'll be way off.

Go Jin, quit that crappy job.

Jin's English has greatly improved in these last two episodes.

Sun made me cry.

Oh no, Sawyer! Oh no THREE WEEKS!!!
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